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Dirty Jobs

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Bell Bird Control appeared on "Dirty Jobs" to demonstrate how to properly clean a high-rise building of bird droppings and prevent future accumulation. The episode focused removal techniques, explained the health hazards bird droppings cause to the building's tenants, and showed a solution on how to permanently eradicate the problem. The video also shows "Dirty Jobs" host Mike Rowe trying his hand at cleaning up bird droppings.

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When Birds Nest in Bad Places
The New York Times | December 10, 2016

Birds and Air-Conditioners

I live in a condominium with beautiful landscaping, trees — and lots of birds. The air-conditioning and heating units in the apartments are vented outdoors through louvers built into the building’s brick facade. Birds nest in the spaces between the louvers and the cooling-and-heating units, leaving behind droppings and nesting material. It is messy and a health hazard, but does not damage the appliances. The board says condo owners are responsible for cleaning and removing the nests. But shouldn’t this be the board’s responsibility, since the nests are in the facade and not in the appliances?


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From Bed Bugs to Mini-Brownies, Businesses Adapt to Change
Bloomberg BusinessWeek | June 27, 2012

New Yorkers who worry about home infestations probably know Roscoe, the bed bug-hunting Beagle who’s been featured in cable television commercials since 2010 and has his own website. But they may not know that bed bug services are just the latest incarnation for Roscoe’s owners, Bell Environmental Services, a Fairfield, N.J., company that has been around for half a century.







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PARTY POOPERS (US PS doing its part to make sure pigeons don't $*&! on NYC President Bush)
New York Post | May 7, 2004

PIGEONS that normally roost on the U.S. Post Office building on Eighth Avenue across from Madison Square Garden won't get the chance to heckle President Bush during the Republican National Convention. The historic mail mecca has hired N.J.-based Bell Environmental Services to install a device that administers an electric shock to any bird that dares land on it. "The convention triggered the need to spruce up the post office," admitted Sid Schlomann, in-house architect for the U.S. Postal Service. "It was unsightly with white streaks running down the columns, which is not a good thing for news conferences." It's hoped that Bush will drop by the facility at one of several planned photo-ops.


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How Can a Co-op Shoo Away a Pigeon Complaint?
The New York Times | September 10, 2016

Q. Our co-op on the Upper West Side is next door to a grocery store. Our back courtyard shares open space with the grocery store’s air vents and cooling system. Pigeons are nesting around the store’s cooling system, providing food for rats. Our co-op hired an exterminator, but so long as the nests remain, the problem continues. The store’s management company has not returned our calls. When we called 311, we received a warning from the city that our building was in violation of health codes and would face fines if the pigeon problem was not resolved. We called 311 again to explain. The operator opened a new service complaint, but we have heard nothing back. That was six months ago. What recourse do we have?


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Making The Pigeons Watch Where They Step
The New York Times | January 5, 2006 

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For The Birds
The Wall Street Journal | March 30, 2004

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Architect Sid Schlomann's business has gone to the birds.
Mr. Schlomann, an in-house architect for the U.S. Postal Service who helps manage construction, renovation and repair matters in the New York metropolitan area, has turned his attention to the unsightly and unsanitary droppings and property damage caused by pigeons and seagulls.